On the Highway
The Voice of the Truckers Outreach Ministry of the Bible Baptist Church

Welcome to On the Highway!

On the Highway is a website for professional drivers put together by the Truckers Outreach Ministry of the Bible Baptist Church in Richfield, Ohio.

Juggling family, friends, finances, and freight on the highway is not easy. Try to add faith to the mix and it can be nearly impossible. That is why we have developed this website. Our desire is to help you develop a strong, deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; a faith that will help you handle family, friends, finances, and freight.

I would also like to invite you to visit the Bible Baptist Church if you are in northeast Ohio. We are located about midway between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio, just off Interstates 77 and 80 on State Route 21. We meet in the conference room at the Richfield Holiday Inn Express at 5171 Brecksville Road (State route 21).

Parking is available for your rig at the Pilot truck stop next door. We even have limited truck parking available on the premises. Or, you can call for us for a ride (330-659-6561) if you are parked in one of the company lots nearby.

Although we are a small church, we have a big heart for truckers. Most of our members — including me — either are or have been involved in the trucking industry themselves or have family or friends who are or have been. So, don't worry about fitting in, you are always welcome here whether you are in town for a few days or just off the truck for a few hours. Our desire is to help professional drivers come to Christ by faith, trusting Him as their personal Lord and Savior, so that their sins may be forgiven and that they might be assured of eternal life in heaven and to help those who have come to Christ live an abundant and victorious Christian life of service, worship, and growth while bringing honor and glory to our Lord and Savior.

God bless! We hope to see you soon...On the Highway!

—Pastor Al

In Northeast Ohio?

We look forward to your visit!

Drivers are welcome at all services of the Bible Baptist Church!

Scheduled Services:
     Sunday School/Bible Study:                              10:00 AM
     Sunday Morning Worship:               11:00 AM
     Sunday Evening Worship:                 6:00 PM
     Friday Bible Study:                          7:00 PM

Limited truck parking on the premises, more parking at the Pilot Ruck Stop next door. Or, call from one of the company lots nearby for a ride at (330) 659-6561.

The Bible Baptist Church is conveniently located midway between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio, meeting at 5171 Brecksville Road (State Route 21) in Richfield, Ohio.

The Bible Baptist Church is located just off Interstate 77 at exit 146, nourth of the Ohio Turnpike (Interstate 80) exit 173. We are directly across the street from the Yellow Freight terminal, next door to the Pilot Truck Stop.

The Bible Baptist Church meets in the conference room at the Richfield Holiday Inn Express.

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Why Go To Church While On the Road?

While driving through northeast Ohio, listen to
on AM 1220 The Word
Sunday nights at midnight.
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Sunday nights at 11 PM

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Contact us at:

Snail Mail:  On the Highway
                    P.O. 452
                    Richfield, OH 44286
Telephone: (330) 659-6561

Preached by Alfred B. Davis on 15 January 2008 at the Buckeye Independent Baptist Fellowship.

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